"Let's Make Irvington a Better Place to Live"

Elect Jude Deronceray for Council-At-Large 2014


A Life Time Public Servant and a Change Agent
Jude Deronceray is a lifetime public servant and a change agent of the century residing in the city of Irvington. As a teacher, social worker, youth advocate and a community leader he has been involved for many years in all
activities aimed at helping children and adults. Today more than yesterday he is ready to serve the people at a higher level. Here is a snapshot of the life of this public figure:
• Associate Degree in TV Production and Management , Essex County College, Newark , New Jersey (1989)
• BA in Communications form Upsala College , East Orange , New Jersey (1993)
• Pursuing an MA in Public Administration @ Kean University, Union, New Jersey.
• Public Relation Officer for the Haitian Flag Day Planning Committee in Essex and Union Counties, New Jersey.
• Program Coordinator of the Diabetes Disparities Project in East Orange conducting seminars and Conferences on Diabetes for Adults at risk for Diabetes in collaboration with Irvington Family Development Center.
• Supervisor of Recruitment & Retention at a local Social Services Agency.
• 10 years of Teaching in Irvington Public Schools.
• Member of the Citizen Advisory Board in Irvington Township.
• Founder -director of Children’s Kingdom Pageant promoting talented boys and girls in Irvington for 12 years.
• Senior Host of educational radio and TV shows, town hall meetings and cultural events for 20 years.
• Member of the Division of Child Protection & Permanency serving Irvington residents at large.
• Host/Producer of Children’s Kingdom TV show on Comcast Cable covering Essex and union Counties
• Campaign Advisor for Council and Mayoral Elections in Irvington for the past 15 years.
• Master of Ceremony for Cultural & Social Events in and out of Irvington.
• Radio advertising Producer for local radio stations.
• Leadership role in setting up passport renewal services for the Haitian Community at City Hall , Irvington.
• Writer/Editor & Promoter of Irvington News by emails.
• Host of “All About Irvington TV Show” on CBN –TV

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